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整体スクールを卒業した東京出身のセラピストが施術いたしますので日本の方にも安心して施術を受けて頂けます。 身体の構造を踏まえた整体で、一定のリズム絶妙な力加減で圧を入れていきます。 脳からインパルスが出て副交感神経に切り替わり、心からお休みできる一時をご提供致します。
"Shiatsu" meaning finger pressure. And pressure from finger is very effective to inner tissue. The therapist who is from Tokyo do shiatsu massage on the basic of structure of the body. If you feel back touble, it's effective to massage your flute and stomach. Because those musscles connecting to each part. Thos massage pressure is fitting on you and offered same rhythm. This can make you very relax because of the brain impulse. You can get amazing massage experience here which you have never gotten before.


整体 Shiatsu Massage


首ヘッドケア Neck and Head care 30min.... $32


Perfect for when you are feeling tireed. You can feel deeply relaxed.

首眼精疲労 Neck and Eyestrain care 30min.... $32


Perfect for people who use the computer everyday. This helps releave eyestrain and neck fatigue.


We start with counselling to see how we can best serve you. Then we take action to care for you based on your feedback using the best logical techniques.

You can combine Shiatsu massage with the special menu



Slow, comfortable rhythm


Serotonin, Oxytocin and Dopamine secretion



It balances your mind and gives you peace of mind, such as a sense of well-being and relife. Your healthy appetite and sleep will be great balance. It works to releieve pain and has a role in adjusting the body clock



It is also called the "love hormone" or "healing hormone". Your brain and mind are healed and your interest in others, trust and relationships with others increases. In addition, it works for the rise of body temperature, beautiful skin, recovery of memory and so on.



It govers pleasure, motivation, learning ability and motor skills. Dopamine works to conteract the stress of discomfort


Applying the perfect pressure

The pressure to the extent that the muscles of the body are depressed is great. That is the most effective on the muscles. On the other hand, too much pressure makes the body tense and stiff, making it difficult for the pressure to reach. Soothing pressure is the most relaxing and can be switched to the parasympathetic. The parasympathetic adjust the body clock and lead to a good sleep.


Maintain and gradually increase pressure

In our massage, we will use a gradually deepening sustained pressure for parts that are particularly stiff. In the beginning a small amount of pressure is applied then both pressure amount and duration gradually increase. Because the pressure is maintained, it can comfortably reach deeper tissue without becoming painful.


Muscles related to shoulder stiffness

  • 僧帽筋(そうぼう)
    Mitral muscle
  • 胸鎖乳突筋
  • 肩甲挙筋
    Levator scapulae muscle
  • 板状筋
    Splenius capitis
  • 頭半棘筋
    Semispinalis capitis
  • 三角筋
    Deltoid muscle
  • 棘上筋(きょくじょう)
    Supraspinatus muscle
  • 菱形筋
    Rhomboideus muscle
  • 大円筋、小円筋
    Teres major muscle, teres minor
  • 脊柱起立筋
    Erector spinae
  • 前鋸筋
    Serratus anterior muscle
肩こりの原因となっている固まっている上図の筋肉に指圧、ストレッチをしていきます。菱形筋は前傾姿勢になっていると疲れやすい場所です。肩甲骨剥がしを行って伸ばしていきます。僧帽筋はもちろん、大円筋、小円筋、棘上筋までほぐしていきます。単に肩を揉むのでなくしっかり骨と繋がっている筋肉を捉え圧を入れていきます。前鋸筋は手を動かすストレッチとともに指圧していきます。特に肩凝りが気になる方は首、ヘッドのマッサージも追加して頂けると、胸鎖乳突筋、肩甲挙筋、特に首部分でも重要な板状筋、頭半棘筋へのアプローチもでき、より変化を感じて頂けます。 長時間の前傾姿勢から、首、肩周りの筋肉が影響を受け(特に斜角筋)手がしびれてしまう症状が現れることがあります。首の神経は鎖骨を通って手先まで繋がっているためです。
Acupressure and stretching will be performed on the muscles in the above figure that are causing shoulder stiff. The rhombus muscle is a place where it is easy to get tired if it is in the forward leaning position. Shoulder stretch is effective. Of course, it also relaxes to Teres major, teres minor muscle muscle and the supraspinatus muscle. We pressure on muscles that are firmly connected to the bones. We will massage and strech the anterior serrated muscles while rasing your arms. Especially for those who are concerned about stiff shoulders, neck and head massages can also approach to the plato-muscularis muscle, shoulder-shoulder levitation muscles, especially the plate-like muscles that are important even in the neck area You can feel more change. From a long time in the forward position, the muscles around the neck and shoulders may be affected (especially in the oblique muscles), and symptoms may occur such as hand pinching. The nerves of the neck are connected to the hand through the clavicle.


Back pain and leg paresthesia

  • 脊柱起立筋
    Erector spinae
  • 腹斜筋
    Abdominal oblique
  • 腹方形筋
    Quadratus lumborum
  • 梨状筋
    Piriformis muscle
  • 大殿筋
    Gluteus maximus muscle
  • ハムストリング
One of the causes of back pain is compression of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs from the sciatic through the pelvis to the toes. Because the piriform muscle is above the sciatic nerve, if the muscle becomes hard due to fatigue etc. it will press on the sciatic nerve and sciatica will occur. It appears as back pain and numbness of the legs. We will massage the piriformis and sciatic areas. If you sit for long periods of time or if you lose strength due to lack of exercise, the strain on your back increases to cover the weakened muscles. Massaging hamstrings also makes it easier to loosen the oblique muscles. The erector muscles of the spine also greatly affect the posture, which also affects the lower back.


Eye and neck strain

  • 僧帽筋(そうぼう)
    Mitral muscle
  • 胸鎖乳突筋
  • 肩甲挙筋
    Levator scapulae muscle
  • 斜角筋
    Oblique muscle
  • 咬筋
    Masseter muscle


Eye fatigue is relating neck stiffness and facial muscles. When you look at your smartphone for a long time, your neck position became front and you will put a load on the neck muscles and it will easily lead to eye fatigue. It also affects the expression muscles and lead the face easy to sag. By relieving the mitral muscles and leavator scapulae muscle in particular, it reduces neck stiffness. In addition, we will approach to the oblique mascle and the sternocleustoidus muscle around it. After that, loosen the masseter muscle and the facial muscles, and pull up the face. Push the muscles and pressure points around your eyes.